Our funny name always seems to remind people of someone they once knew. And that’s exactly the way we like it. Familiarity is our biggest asset, especially when it comes to authentic storytelling. We’ve come pretty far since our early days when we crafted and curated thousands of powerful stories of everyday life for our own platform. We’ve since decided we wanted to share our abilities with the world.

Today, VIMBY is now the world's largest content marketing studio, with deep roots in publishing, filmmaking and advertising. We pride ourselves in uncovering original stories—untold stories—of emotion, inspiration, disruption, culture, community—from across the planet—in over 80 domestic and international markets.

Standing out and thriving in an ever-changing media and business landscape is tough these days. It requires experiences and campaigns that are layered with real stories about real people. VIMBY clients, including brands, retailers, studios, franchises and publishers, have discovered that our work moves the needle, in a big way. We have proven that audiences—engage, attend, purchase, and advocate when things feel ‘familiar’ and personal.

VIMBY has also reinvented the ability to produce and curate large volumes of performance-driven content at a significantly faster, high scale pace, all while maintaining brand integrity and commercial quality. Our massive talent network also offers unique access to neighborhood-level artists, producers, writers, casting, musicians, filmmakers and documentarians across the planet.

Our Work