February 25, 2014
Portland Goats

You may have seen our recent VIMBY Originals video out of Portland, sharing the story of a co-op goat petting zoo that sprouted up in the local community.  As the story goes, the goats needed to move on from their property by the end of last year so the land owners could start building.  But fear not, goat lovers- according to the Willamette Week Blog, the goats have landed in a new home in the neighborhood of Lents!  Here's to hoping the Portlandia residents will visit our favorite locals when they swing by the weekly farmer's market.  Here's the full story:

January 31, 2014
Triple Exposure

Greetings all you industrious shutterbugs out there.  Got a little snack for you courtesy of VIMBY's resident shooter, Ryan Heilman.

January 30, 2014
Gigapixel ArtZoom- Microsoft's Cool New Project

One of my favorite apps is Microsoft's PhotoSynth.  It allows you to compose a wide panoramic photo made up of several shots that are stitched together.  Like most user friendly advances in digital technology, it's easier to experience than describe.  Check it out, or take my word for it- it's easily the coolest thing Microsoft has come out with since Windows 92.